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MistMaxi Nozzle


ST15 Maxi MistNozzle - fire fighting nozzle


Demonstration Video's

Below we have provided a couple of demo videos which show how the branch actually works as demonstrated by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue and below that a demonstration of how by using the ST15 MaxiMist Nozzle a car fire which has been allowed a pre-burn time of 5 minutes (to get well alight) can be extinguished in under 2 minutes using WATER ONLY no foam additive.

It further demonstrates how by using the low pressure MaxiMist Nozzle it gives the fire fighter the opportunity to attack the fire within the cabin of the car even if people are trapped in the vehicle.





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The Maxi is a fire fighting nozzle designed to fit all current fire fighting vehicles which can supply a constant 15-20 bar of pressure.

The branch offers 45 litres of water per minute in mist mode, or 150 litres per minute in jet mode making it the ideal choice for Fire & Rescue Services worldwide for many industries and applications including but not limited to:

  • Vehicle fires
  • Compartment fires
  • Building fires
  • Events inc. tents, caravans etc.
  • Medium / large fires such as large skips

Standard quick couplings allow for changing of nozzles in seconds


And don't forget the branch when fitted with a standard quick release coupling, can be changed in seconds if required in other words, as long as at least one of these branches is carried on an appliance it can be fitted to suit the incident or to simply conserve the water being carried.

If you have an appliance with a pump that can deliver 15-20 bar of pressure then all you need is the branch...

  • No extra pump needed
  • No additional engine
  • No expensive modifications to the vehicle
  • No special hose lines

 Cost Effective, Environmentally Green Asset Protection ...



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