“Partners to the Fire and Rescue Services providing cutting edge, modern firefighting equipment”

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FireBug Company specialise in supplying fire fighting equipment to the Emergency Response sector. We understand the objectives within your industry of supplying 365 products that can easily integrate within existing infrastructure. We work with many fire brigades and fire rescue services developing equipment to enhance safety of their firefighters as well as reduce cost and waste.

Our WaterMist technology is the first step forward in developing new fire fighting practices and we support our customers every step of the way. Many of our launched products including the ST15 MistNozzle has been developed in conjunction with British Fire & Rescue Services. Our equipment has undergone years of testing and developing to ensure that upon delivery it meets the standards required by todays firefighters throughout the globe.

Worldwide Fire & Rescue Services use the misting technology that we have developed to offer exception fire fighting and additional safety to their firefighters. The range of water mist technology can be used in compartment fires through to wild fires and such more.

The MistNozzles are designed to compliment a fire truck by offering 65% more water efficiency, and the miniature versions are a great addition to a small fire fighting truck or skid systems as shown in the MistMax range of vehicle solutions.

“Fire and Rescue Services are focusing on refining and developing their services and tools to be efficient at all levels” – Dermont Hogan, Head of Emergency Response, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

FireBug ensure our fire fighting equipment is designed and manufactured to protect firefighters, the community and the environment.

Evems Limited are Official Worldwide Distributers for the Firebug WaterMist range of products